Beaverton City Library – Beaverton, Oregon

Robert Dupuy Consulting, L.L.C. is a lighting design firm with offices in Portland, Oregon.  We work on small to large projects with a concern about aesthetics, human centric lighting, budget, sustainability, and the blending of architecture and light.  Collaboration is central to our work process. 

For many years we have had a deep commitment to the growing senior population and how older people and those who are vision impaired interact with light.  Our involvement in human centric lighting has taught us that seniors need more light to see and the correct color temperature to help set circadian rhythm.

We use our theatrical background to increase the impact of color, shadow and the placement of luminaires to achieve a desired effect.  It’s helped us create many dynamic effects in the lighting of lobbies, museums, religious buildings and theatrical spaces.

Your project benefits by using a professional lighting designer who is independent and trained in the use of light.  We are the lighting designers who can take your project to the next level.